How to fix this mess of Government

First let suggest that this is impossible for obvious reasons. Our Democratic organization is made up of hundreds of people that are elected on two basic items without much substance. 1. Promises made without consequences. 2. Financial and political support that relies on continued allegiance and not big picture thinking. Even a well intentioned candidate has limits of what they can do.

Capitalism is a very productive way to grow an organization but, if unchecked, it is also an invisible dictatorship. With our two party system we continue to switch the control with very little change in results. It has truly become a political sport with those that will support the team regardless of character or how it wins. So, “Fixing this mess” is impossible because we’re the problem and unorganized. Could we do it with organization? A suggestion might be. Vote them all out of office. If you want the same team, make it a new person but send the signal that we are in control, not big money nor the DNC or RNC.